Students response to financial stress in adults

The rates of adults having tendencies to save money is on the rise because of the shifting job market and post-recession mindsets, the demographic of financially stressed adults can be represented by De Anza College students as a byproduct of these factors.

The percentage of adults in America who feel compelled to save their money instead of enjoying spending their money has risen by 13 percent in the past decade, according to a Gallup poll from May 11, 2017. Even as the economy improves, the rates of adults who chose to save their money is sitting at 63 percent.
The Gallup poll measured unemployment rates that have gone down, the levels of feeling mentally engaged at work that have gone up and the rating of economic confidence is on the rise, but still adults remain stressed about finances during the current administration and attitudes towards job security. This study has translated into the De Anza College community. Many students feel financially strapped for monthly payments on re…
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